The entry is to show how a simple life that Bateq people apply in their daily life.Bateq people is an indigenious tribe living among the first Malaysia.Those who came from South Africa came into the land of Peninsular Malaysia through Australia Islands by their ancestors’ past.This tribe live in the National Park Kuala Tahan set, around the upper reaches of Sungai Tembeling, Kechau River, Gulf Mountain in Pahang, Sungai gala, Chiku River, Tako River, Rivers and River Lebir Airing in Kelantan and Sungai Berua, Besut, Terengganu is a major public placements Bateq. If they were formerly nomadic practices, but lately they prefer to occupy the area provided by the government to the betterment of their lives. Bateq people living in rural areas north of Pahang, Terengganu and south west of Kelantan. The once nomadic Bateq like to find a suitable place to find food ingredients.
bateq tribe

With a big bright eyes, cute smiles and curly hair, a baby has no fear to plays around stranger . Her mother just gives a looks at her from distance.

bateq tribe

A bateq boy plays with swings in his house, a house builds from bamboos.

bateq tribe

A yougster from bateq tribe, gives a pose in his house.

bateq tribe

A group of bateq kids, walks home with their new shirt, new school bag and stationary a gift from FMDC( a group of photographer)visits at Orang Asli settelment, Kuala Koh National Park.
bateq tribe

Two girls, changes their cloths and hangs it under the sun, after playing at the river near their house.

bateq tribe

A couple of young mothers carries their babies in a "kain bateq"(a type of fabric).They get married as early 15 years old, and gives a full comitment as a housewife.

bateq tribe boysPosing with the bateq boys

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  1. Zarith Zulkifli on said:

    Nice kak! Sy ni ha,da jauh ketinggalan ngan akk ni.apepun. Kipidap!! ^_^
    sy suka gmbr yg ade memanchor! Bintang2 tu!

  2. fauzism on said:

    emmm…. bes….

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