A PHOTOGRAPHER  is the one who knows where to stand, where to look, what to see and how to use his/her tool called camera. Camera is only the tools. Choose the right gear, at the right time. THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT.remember, a good photographer makes the photo.

Approving that, i am using my canon compact camera , CANON G12, while wandering around the TANGKAK  town,(JOHOR,MALAYSIA) searching where the subject to point to, looking for a clean background, and wait for a moment before i shoot. AND the results as shown below:

A man thinks before his makes move on chinese chess games.

To get this images, as usual, use all your communication skills, i used to says hello, giving a sincere eyes looks, a BIG smile, and slowly approaching them (don’t forget to show your camera, and luckily I’m only brings a compact camera,hhiihhihi). I’m joining this uncle and his friend, sit besides them, and looks at what is he doing (takes my time about 30 minutes) After that, waste time no more, the uncle so comfort and concentrate on his games, and I so comfort on shooting. so sporting this uncle(and his friend of course).

More serious looks at this uncle face.

From a top view of chinese chess on the games.

Dont forget to says thank you before you are leaving.
*Based on what I’ve been study from my mentor mr zainal abdul halim.A lots of things to explore! Thanx for viewing and do leave a comment. 😉

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  1. Walaupun anda pakai camera point & shoot Canon G12 the shot was superb with good photojournalism & storytelling..
    Caya la Fasya…
    U have proff that “CAMERA IS JUST A TOOL”…
    I like 🙂

    • a simple sample of photos from my compact camera.thank you mr polini for your comment,all i need is to brush up my skills to the next level. ENJOY PHOTOGRAPHY!

  2. you are good at what/where you are rite now.. human interest.. u shoot better than me.. inspired to me..

    • Azahari, thank you . but then, we are good as what we are, and again, its all about photography, being good is not good enough, must be EXTRAORDINARY. LONG WAY TO GO!.

  3. i’m doing a WAH! expression.

  4. Great!! Kena approach subjek lebih>> something yang org lupa dalam photojournalism
    nnt kena gi Kelab Dam ni kat Tangkak hehe 🙂 thanks for the tips

  5. You proof it. Forget about the equipment and make full use with what u have. Most importantly, enjoy photography.

  6. Hanee ghani on said:

    Congrats with the new blog FS. Show to people that G12 can produce AWESOMENESS pictures and make sure they drool whenever the see your photos… 🙂

    Anyway G12 stands for G = girl power and 12 = a girl with lots of capabilities… Yeah!!

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