Alif Imran Pre-school Graduation day: 10 November 2011

My second son, 6 years old Muhammad Alif Imran do asked me, “mama, lepas habis ni, alif terus darjah satu kan?”(mama, after this i’m gonna be in standard one right?). I just looking in deep in his eyes, and replied says,”ya, alif masuk darjah satu, dah boleh pakai seluar biru” (yes, you will be in standard one, wearing a dark blue uniform school). Alif gives me a BIG smile as soon after i answered him. Well, he do excited to finish his pre-school, and here i am sharing with you guys, a few of photos during that day. I am proud to be a mother. 🙂

Goodies includes student potraits puts in a row, which will be given after the graduation day.

Peace signs shows for photo session by class teacher.

Alif Imran gives smile while in queues waiting for graduation ceremony

Confident looks from Alif Imran, sits with his classmates, while waiting for his turn.

Alif Imran receives his scroll from headmaster of Sekolah Presint 11 (2), Putrajaya.

6 years old girl waits for her turn to dances zapin , apart of graduation day performances.

Alif Imran and his friends shows their talent.

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6 thoughts on “Alif Imran Pre-school Graduation day: 10 November 2011

  1. comel ..=) tak sabar nye nak ade anak…=)

  2. Umpama irama dan lagu gambar ni…hidup! Menjadi sebuah photoesei yg menarik!

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