either read and write or point and shoot? the real CHALLENGES!

Writing photograph is not an easy task. As a part of my studies, i have to write a 2500words of journal, talking and writing about photograph. We was assign to complete a task given- by choosing 2 photograph, one is your own photos and one is from the famous professional photographer in the same genres.

Terry Barret book’s entitled “Criticizing Photographs” as a book references,gives a lot of guides  in understanding images.

Seriously said, i feels a little bit lost , on how to start my words in writing photograph.

READING PHOTOGRAPHS,this photos i’ve choose as my journal writing.

the bateq's baby and afghan baby

LEFT SIDE is my bateq’s baby photo and the right side, photograph by mr ZAINAL ABD HALIM, respective photojournalist in Malaysia. Thousand thank you said to mr Zainal, for allowing me to write about his photograph.

Putting all efforts, I’m on my track , slowly to write and understanding photograph. Will be update soon in my blog, my final writing about this. LETS READ AND WRITE. see you guys soon~




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2 thoughts on “either read and write or point and shoot? the real CHALLENGES!

  1. Point and shoot memang susah.saya masih tak pandai lagi. 😦 sob sob

  2. sama sama la kita. LEARNING PROCESS NEVER STOP!

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