Working with RTM (Radio Televison Malaysia) as in house photographer, i received an assignment  entitled”KONSERT BUDI TAMADUN KITA” a live telecast musical entertainment show hosted by Jabatan Penyiaran Malaysia. Dated 9 October 2016.

Besides it all effort had been given by the crew, and the entertainer how they looks behind the stage. In black in white for behind the stage scene.

asfasyara3Asmidar, a singer and actress herself, was trying out outfit by wardrobe assistant. She perform sing and acting for the show. Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/rtm

asfasyara4Talented kids from various background waiting patiently for their turn to perform on stage.Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/RTM

asfasyara1Malaysian young singer, Najwa Latiff looks at mirror and touch up by her make up artist.Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/RTM

asfasyara2Behind the stage, actors and singers awaits for their turned. Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/RTM

Besides what attracts me most on stage performance.

fs2_5657Silhouette of a man cleaning on stage as “wayang kulit” performed while commercial break in live telecast program “Konsert Budi Tamadun Kita”.Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/RTM

fs2_5675Arja Lee, Malaysian actor in his character mood. Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/RTM

fs2_5924Tok Dalang at the left corner of stage. Wayang Kulit or shadow puppets show to audience in between of commercial breaks.Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/RTM

fs2_5762Loque or his real name Khairil Ridzuan, normally known as Monoloque in acoustic performance with Orchestra Rtm. He wrote and sing his own songs. Photo by Asfasyara Abdul Rahman/RTM




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